Anna V. Metcalfe Ceramics

Location: Minneapolis, MN


A transplant to Minnesota from Virginia, Anna Metcalfe graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MFA in ceramics in 2009.  Anna currently lives in Minneapolis where she enjoys an active studio practice. Her work bridges utilitarian and public art and investigates both functional and sculptural work.  In addition to her studio practice, Anna teaches ceramics at the University of Minnesota and at MCTC, and she teaches professional practices and business skills to artists through Springboard for the Arts.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by a myriad of cultures, objects, foods, and rituals.  I am particularly interested in the relationship between food, ceramic objects, and our bodies. The functional work I make is designed to not only support a healthy and robust culinary experience, but often pays homage to the land, people, and insects that helped grow the food that nourishes us. 

I draw visual inspiration from my own tactile and visual experiences: a heaping plate of pasta and vegetables in a rustic earthenware bowl in the rolling hills of Tuscany, the creamy orange yolks of the eggs from my own backyard chickens with my mug of coffee for breakfast, or the quiet carved wooden trinkets from my Grandfather’s hands.