Candice Methe Hess

Artist Statement:

For me, the utilitarian objects that I make are my soliloquy of simpler times. Through the intimate relationship of touch and response with clay, I am able to initiate a dialog through maker and material that becomes recorded within each piece. I want the element of touch to be honored in my work, as I believe that it is through the hand that we find honesty, vibrancy, energy and humility. The handmade work is a document of one’s intention and signifier of connectedness. Working with clay is a catalyst for my strength as well as my vulnerability, as it is a discipline of labor coupled with uncertainty. My work is my connection to history, cultures and the natural world. I feel that my handmade objects live best when they are present in personal, precious spaces, where they become a meaningful part of our visual and tactile landscape.


Candice Methe Hess is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, where she earned her MFA with an emphasis in ceramics. She recently moved back to the mountains and high desert of Flagstaff, Arizona to pursue a career in shaping mud into beautiful objects and exploring the natural world on a daily basis.