Create Laser Arts

Artist Statement:

Create Laser Arts makes beautiful laser engraved art-objects from wood, leather, stone and paper: unique coasters and urban-to-cabin wares incl. ash cheese boards, tiny wood boxes and wood burl pieces (for wall or mantel). We also love making garden plaques with botanicals, bees and poems engraved on them and wood earrings ranging from the funky to the elegant. Our imagery reflects our shared love of the natural and (healthy!) agricultural worlds. We design and create each object ourselves, in our South Minneapolis studio, bringing our artists’ sensibilities to both materials and design, making special yet affordable art-objects.


Begun in 2012, Create Laser Arts is the collaboration of three visual artists: Celestine Pueringer, Anne Sugnet and Mark Knierim. We also provide laser engraving and cutting services to artists, individuals and small businesses seeking to customize products and objects. We are based in the lovely Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.