LocationMinneapolis, MN

Artist Statement:

In 2013 I launched INDIGO & SNOW my line of hand-dyed apparel and accessories specializing in non-toxic water based fiber reactive dyes, indigo and shibori. I developed a contemporary form of shibori using salvaged Cedar to create evocative, organic designs. Shibori is a traditional Japanese technique of color-resist dyeing, involving intricate folds, stitches, clamping and tying which yields one-of-a-kind designs and patterns. Connecting my handmade work to my interest in environmental sustainability has been a major part of my business from the start. In creating functional, beautiful items by hand, I use stones, wood and other elements from the landscape. It's a way of connecting these interests to my work as an artist and designer.

I integrate my printmaking with the world of creating natural dyes. Specifically, I want to show what Minnesota looks like visually through plants. I have been foraging for plants native to Minnesota with my husband, a trained herbalist, for a decade. Textiles tell stories, they are family heirlooms, they are what define who we are in this world. I think a lot about the textile traditions of this country and what it says about who we are as a culture. I feel that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and I have chosen textiles as my way of both contributing to our story and connecting spirit to the material world. 


Annabella Sardelis is a textile artist who specializes in hand-dyed, hand-painted and hand-printed textiles. She is committed to sustainable design and chooses to source organic cotton and sustainable fibers in her collections. Her line INDIGO & SNOW features hand-dyed + hand-printed apparel, accessories and home décor handmade in Minneapolis, MN, USA.