Nedra Granquist

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Artist Statement:

I am primarily a rag rug weaver, although I also weave placemats and sometimes towels. I like the color-and-design process, often using scenic photos, paintings, or Fiesta Ware as inspiration. These handwoven articles should be practical and durable, as well as beautiful. This starts with quality materials; whether new or used, even recycled denim or sheets will be clean and not damaged. My rug loom is beautiful, and it's a workhorse, great for weaving tight rugs up to almost 5 feet wide. Finally, everything is beautifully finished and hemmed nicely, for years of service.


As the granddaughter of a Finnish weaver, I've been weaving for over thirty years. As a member of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota I've both taken classes in rug weaving and color & design, and taught classes in rug and placemat weaving. I've had a studio in the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis for eight years, and will soon be moving to the Pillsbury "A" Mill, combining home and studio.