Become a Gather Artist

If you are interested in becoming a Gather artist please apply through our artist call. We are currently accepting work through June 1, 2016. Some frequently asked questions are answered below. For all other inquiries, please contact us at  

FAQ about becoming a Gather artist:

 Q:  How do I submit my work for review?

A:  Please fill out this form:


Q:  What kind of work are you looking for? 

A:  We love all art and craft mediums and are most excited about finding a diverse selection of quality work that our audience will appreciate. At this time, we are specifically looking for works that meet the criteria below:

  • artists using the following mediums:
    • clay
    • wood
    • fibers
    • metal/blacksmithing goods
    • prints of original works
    • limited edition prints
  • We are looking for work that can be replicated with relative ease and consistency. (At this time, we are not looking for one of a kind artworks but we will be open to this in the future)
  • We are looking for works that are between $75-$300 and over $300

We value innovation and classic uses of materials alike; we expect excellent craftsmanship; and we strive to offer our clients unique ways to bring more art into more homes at a variety of price points. 

Q:  What commission does Gather take when a piece of art is sold on the site?

A:  Gather asks artists to provide their wholesale prices.  This allows us to incorporate shipping and handling fees into the retail price to make it simple for our customers. When we agree to host your work on our site, you will tell us what you need to be paid for your work. That gives you a chance to tell us what's fair for you!

Q:  Is there a non-compete clause in your contract?

A:  No, many of our artists sell in multiple locations online and in brick and mortar stores in Minnesota or nationally.

Q:  Do I have to hold products in inventory for Gather?

A:  No. We have several types of offerings on our site. One category of items is "ready to ship" and Gather would hold a small number of your pieces in inventory, but another category is "made to order" which would allow you to make the item upon an order on Gather's site. If you can produce your work in 3-6 weeks, you do not have to keep it in stock or hold inventory for Gather. 

Q:  I am an artist and I have been approached by someone to make some work for their wedding registry.  Can Gather help?

A:  Yes! We are happy to help you facilitate this process. Please connect with us about where to start and we can give you and the couple you are working with more information.