Registry FAQs

I'm a guest at someone's wedding. How do I shop on a Gather registry?

Click on “Registry” at the top of any page and search for the couple. This will bring you to their personal gallery. When you find the perfect gift, click “add to my shopping cart.” Alternatively, you can make a contribution to a larger ticket item. When finished, click “checkout.” Gather accepts all major credit cards.


How do I create a gift registry?

First, click on "Registry" at the top of the page, and select "Create". You will be asked to create an account. Next, go to the permanent gallery and search for items you want to add to your registry. When you find a piece that you love, add it to your personal gallery by clicking  “Add to my registry”. When you’ve finished your registry, share your personal gallery’s unique URL with your guests. Gather's registry can be added to any wedding website so your guests can find your registry in just a few clicks.


I want to commission a unique piece of art from a permanent collection artist. Can you help me with that?

Yes! Many of our artists are happy to create a piece (or several) just for you. Contact us using the form below, and we will work with you and the artist on setting this up.


I want to register for a large piece of art, but we're concerned that it's too expensive for one person to purchase for us.  Can we crowd-source the money for a single piece?

Absolutely!  We can divide up a single piece into shares to meet the budget of any guest. We usually recommend giving your guests a few pricing options. Contact us using the form below and we can work out the details. 


My favorite artist is not on your site. Can they still be added to my registry?

Let's find out! Contact us using the form below and tell us what you're thinking. We'll connect the artist and start a conversation about adding their work to your registry.


Can I buy a piece of art for myself?

Yes! You can make purchases directly  from the permanent gallery. Just make sure you are not searching a registry's personal gallery.


When will I receive the art?

Well, that's complicated. Please read more about shipping and delivery for the artwork on Gather here.


Where is Gather located?

Gather is located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area and we ship all over the U.S.


Question not answered here? Please send us an email: